Kevin Garcia

(831) 333-6294

Recent Experience

Title: Senior UX Designer

Organization Name: Cisco Jasper

Location: San Jose, CA

Dates Employed: September 2017 Present

  • Helped grow the Control Center IoT platform as it scaled from 17 million to over 120 million devices under management, supporting 60+ service providers and over 20,000 enterprises worldwide.
  • Partnered closely with PM and Engineering to continuously improve the platform's UI, Analytics, Automation, Notification, Audit and Billing offerings.
  • Ongoing work to improve design tools, libraries and resources, resulting in increased design team velocity and increased quality of engineering handoffs.

Title: Front End Designer/Developer

Organization Name: Stanford University

Location: Stanford, CA

Dates Employed: February 2016 August 2017

  • Built and established governance for the initial release of Stanford University's design system, Decanter, which powers the main Stanford Website, the redesigned Identity Site, and the next generation of Drupal Sites built by Stanford Web Services
  • Using theDecanter, built the front-end for the redesigned and Identity Toolkit
  • Art-directed and built a variety of digital storytelling packages for Stanford News
  • Core member of the UX Community of Practice, where we share best practices, institutional knowledge and share resources with our peer UX practitioners

Title: UI/UX Designer (Contract)

Organization Name: Jasper Wireless

Location: Santa Clara, CA

Dates Employed: Dec 2015 Sept 2017

  • Provided overflow capacity from icons, sprites, wireframes, userflows, to full-fledged product features on an ad-hoc basis as the needs of the design team fluctuated during pre-acquisition growth.

Title: Front End Designer

Organization Name: Monterey Bay Aquarium

Location: Pacific Grove, CA

Dates Employed: April 2013 February 2016

  • Extended the class-based front-end framework of the Monterey Bay Aquarium and Seafood Watch sites to allow for more granular responsive control.
  • Updated the site-wide navigation to have a better mobile and accessible views.
  • Updated the Animal Guide, Seafood Watch Landing Page, Education Curriculum and other sections, as well as oversaw day-to-day updates to the main Monterey Bay Aquarium website.
  • Designed and produced the Monterey Bay Aquarium E-News, as well as other e-mail and social media campaigns and microsites

Title: Art Director (Brand)

Organization Name: Cal State Monterey Bay

Location: Seaside, CA

Dates Employed: December 2008 April 2013

  • Shaped and defined the university brand identity at both the master brand and sub-brand levels, while managing the university photo, media and asset libraries
  • Provided expertise in the development and evaluation of effective communication design strategies
  • Art Directed print publications such as catalogs, event invitations, booklets, newsletters, posters, flyers, brochures and other university collateral materials
  • Provided lead art direction to other staff designers, student assistants and interns
  • Provided art-direction for the redesign of
  • Conducted weekly and ad-hoc training and assistance for campus CMS users
  • Advised and assisted on the development of overall web and social media policies, procedures and standards
  • Provided Event, environmental and portrait photography services


Degree: B.A. Visual Art

College: Andrews University

Location: Berrien Springs, MI

Graduation Date: December 2006

Empahis on Graphic Design, Photography, Media Arts and Journalism

Contributions to Open Source

Whenever I use a framework, library or project, I look to not just consume the project, but make meaningful contributions where appropriate. The projects below are some where I've either found gaps in features, improved methods or ways to simplify functions, updated documentation in places where I tripped up or felt the docs were unclear, or added features I wished existed in the core projects.